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therapy dog training

Pre therapy dog
group class

Our Pre-Therapy Dog Training Group Class is a great first step for those interested in making an impact in the community through pet therapy. This 4-week class will cover basic and advanced skills needed to successfully pass a therapy dog test including

  • Introduction to people greeting skills

  • Loose leash walking 

  • Learn how to communicate with your pup using our suggested training tool "The Snoot Loop"

  • Teach your dog to ignore other dogs

  • How to work as a team

  • And more! 

Pre-Therapy Dog Training Class costs $249 +taxes and fees


*Dogs must be at least 10 months old, enjoy attention from people they DO NOT KNOW and have the ability to be in the room with people and dogs WITHOUT BARKING OR WHINING*


Ready to enroll? Please use the link below to fill out our Pre-enrollment form!


therapy dog readiness group class

Our Therapy Dog Readiness Class builds on the skills learned in the Pre Therapy Dog Class while continuing to build skills needed to conduct therapeutic visits to schools, hospitals, assisted living centers, and many other locations bringing joy and smiles to those they meet! This class includes 3 group classes and a training outing to practice their skills out in the world! 


​We'll cover the following in the 4 sessions 

  • Confidence Building Exercises 

  • Advanced People Greeting Skills 

  • Impulse Control Exercises  

  • Practice Therapy Dog Tests

  • Practice realistic Therapy Visit Scenarios

  • And more! 



Therapy Dog Readiness Training Class costs $235 + taxes and fees



*Dogs must be a year old and either have taken the Pre-Therapy Dog Training Class or prior training at Pups with a Purpose*

private therapy dog training programs

The Private Therapy Dog Training Programs ​are designed for those interested in Classroom Dog Training, Professional Therapy Dog Training, Crisis Response Dogs, or those that have specific training goals for their dogs! We have worked with teachers, therapists, medical professionals, police officers, and others creating their own Therapy Dog Program! 

We customize our Private Training Programs to fit the specific needs of each dog's unique job! We provide training, certification/testing, and ongoing support for our working dogs. 

The investment for this program ranges from $705 to $1,200 depending on the needs of each team. 


First step in the Private Therapy Dog Training Program is a Training Consultation! 


We will walk you through the certification process and prepare you for all of the expectations for therapy dog testing. 




Matt is a Crisis Response K9 for the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigations. Alongside his handler, Matt completed Pups with a Purpose's Professional Therapy Dog Training Program and is now successfully working as a therapy dog to helping in various roles to provide comfort and support to victims, police officers, and citizens of Iowa. 



Brynn is a Therapy Dog that works along side her mom at Immanuel's acute inpatient unit! She provides vital comfort, companionship, and joy to those going through treatment! Brynn went through Pups with a Purpose's Professional Therapy Dog Training Program in 2020 and just recently began joining the Recreation Therapy Team at Immanuel Hospital. Brynn is able to assist bridging a connection between youth and staff and help these kiddos invest in their care. 



Cappuccino or Cappy is also a Therapy Dog that works along side his mom at Immanuel Hospital. Cappuccino works alongside his DogMom on various units to bring joy and comfort to those staying at Immanuel. With his bubbly personality and wiggly bum, it hard to feel down around this guy. Cappy's mom is a Music Therapist and together they graduated from Pups with a Purpose Dog Therapy Readiness Group Class in March of 2021.



Ralphie is the Chief Cheer Officer at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Omaha! He completed his Professional Therapy Dog Training Program at Pups with a Purpose in 2019! He happily works at the Ronald McDonald House bringing a sense of normalcy to the guests of the home while they are experiencing extraordinary circumstances. 

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