therapy dog training

THERAPY DOG TRAINING CLASSES  $295 + taxes and fees

Our Therapy Dog Training Group Class is designed for dogs and their people that are interested in making a difference in the community. Therapy Dogs conduct therapeutic visits to schools, hospitals, assisted living centers, and many other locations bringing joy and smiles to those they meet! Our training class will equip you with all the skills and knowledge to pass a Therapy Dog certification test & conduct successfully therapy visits as a team! 

During the 4 group training sessions +  1 outing, you and your pup will master


  • Loose leash walking 

  • Proper People Greeting skills

  • Basic Commands COME, SIT, DOWN, STAY

  • Advanced Commands PLACE, LEAVE IT, OUT

I will guide you step by step through the Therapy Dog testing process! Upon graduation, you and your pup will have access to the                                                                                      !  

Classes are currently being held at Olive Crest United Methodist Church


7180 N 60TH Street Omaha, NE 68152



Pet Therapy is a great way to impact your community with your pup! Pups with a Purpose has developed a unique training program to help you and your pup navigate therapy visits in a calm and confident state of mind.

During your one-on-one training sessions your dog will master SIT, DOWN, COME, OUT, LEAVE IT,and STAY. We will also guide you step by step through the certification process and have set up visits with facilities across the Omaha Metro for you to begin your visits with your pup.

Do you want to experience the powerful joy and happiness dogs bring to the people they visit?




*THIS PROGRAM DOES NOT GUARANTEE THERAPY CERTIFICATION. I will walk you through the certification process and prepare you for all expectations for dog therapy testing. 

dogs in schools training program 

More teachers, counselors, school social workers, and other school people are working with dogs in schools. Dogs in the classroom have shown to benefit students in a multitude of ways including help teach social skills, decrease anxiety and the feeling of isolation, increase “feel good” chemicals in students’ brains, and the list goes on.


Our Dogs in School Training program has been developed to get more dogs into schools in the safest way. During your private sessions you and your pup will learn the needed skills to be a successful classroom dog. We will master the basics like COME, SIT, STAY, DOWN, AND LEAVE IT. We then move to teaching your pup how to have an OFF SWITCH and RELAX when he is off duty and to interact in an APPROPRIATE and SAFE way when he is on duty. This program also includes support with resources for classroom curriculum, research for administration, and classroom set up support. Each administration has different expectations so every program is completely unique to your needs.

Together, we can use your dog’s ability to love unconditionally to positively impact your students.

Professional therapy dog training 

The Professional Therapy Dog Training Program is designed for counselors, nonprofit workers, therapists, child life specialist, hospital employees, or anyone interested in working along side their pup to enhance their clients' or consumers' experience. Professional Therapy Dogs or Facility Dogs have the ability to promote calm and help drive the therapy process. People are more likely to trust and interact with a calm dog and therefore, dogs can help bridge communication between Therapy Dog Handler and consumer. 

The Professional Therapy Dog Training Program consists of private training sessions to build on the skills learned in the Therapy Dog Readiness Training Program. Along with the training the Professional Therapy Dog Training Program will add with workspace set up, on the job training, and location trouble shooting. We will work together to create a Therapy Dog manual, therapy dog activities, and therapy dog job description.