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policies and guidelines

Vaccination/Canine Health Policy:

  • All pups who are enrolled in any program must be up to date with their age-appropriate vaccinations and clients must be able to provide proof of a clear fecal sample that's been completed within the last 30 or 90 days (just depending on the program your pup is enrolled in). We kindly ask that these records be provided within 72 hours of your initial class or program. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation or rescheduling of your first class/session. Please note that refunds will not be available if the class or session is rescheduled due to not providing the required forms.


Handler/Puppy Ratio For Group Classes:

  • Due to space and seating limitations, we kindly request that each puppy be accompanied by NO MORE than TWO (2) handlers in class. This policy ensures that all attendees have adequate space to comfortably participate in the class

Absence Policy For Puppy Essentials & Advanced Puppy Skills Class

  • Due to our limited class size & our current waitlist, we are unable to accommodate any make-ups for any missed classes. We ask that you notify us within 24 hours of the scheduled class you will be absent from. Once we've been notified, we'll be able to provide you with any notes or videos on what was covered in your missed class. Since each class is designed to build off of one another, it is important to review & practice the class materials provided before you join us for your next class. 


  • Please note that attendance of the FIRST class is crucial and cannot be missed. If a client is unable to attend the first class, they must reschedule to the next available class that has an opening. However, to reschedule without forfeiting their booking fee, clients must inform us at least one (1) week prior to the start of the first class. This advanced notice allows us to fill the vacant spot in the class. Additionally, clients are only permitted to reschedule their entire class once. Subsequent rescheduling attempts will not be accommodated, and refunds will not be issued. 

Absence Policy For Puppy Head Start & Puppy Socials Class:

  • Due to our limited class size & our current waitlist, we are unable to accommodate any make-ups for any missed classes. In the event of an illness-related absence, we kindly request notification within 24-48 hours of the scheduled class, and we will make arrangements accordingly. If your pup is ill please keep them at home for the health and safety of our other clients. However, if a class is missed due to failure to meet the class requirements, clients will forfeit that session, and refunds will not be issued. 


  • Puppy Head Start Class is specifically designed for puppies under 20 weeks of age. All 4 classes must be completed before your puppy reaches 20 weeks of age. Please note that any unused classes will be forfeited, and refunds will not be issued.

  • Puppy Socials Class is specifically designed for puppies under 6 months of age. All purchased classes must be completed before your puppy reaches the 6-month age limit. Please note that any unused classes will be forfeited, and refunds will not be issued.

Client Cancellations:

  • For Group Classes, to receive a refund or credit, clients are required to notify us of their dis-enrollment no later than one (1) week prior to the start of the first class. This allows us adequate time to fill the vacated spot in the class. Failure to provide cancellation notice within this timeframe will result in forfeiture of the class booking fee.  

  • For Day Training/Private Training Sessions, any day/session cancellations must be made within 48 hours of the scheduled day or lesson time. In the interest of fairness to our trainers and other clients, if there is a late cancellation (less than 48 hours prior) or no-show, this will result in the forfeiture of that day/session. 

Children Attendance in Class: 

  • While we recognize the importance of including the whole family in training, we do recommend that child involvement with training primarily occurs at home, rather than during the initial training sessions at class. Our group classes are fast-paced and are tailored for adult learning. Additionally, dogs often respond best to adults during the initial stages of training, as we provide clearer and more consistent guidance. Therefore, we suggest that an adult family member take the lead in all of the classes. This allows for focused attention and enough time for you to practice exercises without the added challenge of having to translate instructions to your child during class. Following these class sessions, we encourage family participation in the at-home practice to reinforce learned behaviors. This approach enables children to actively engage in training in a less structured environment and makes the process more enjoyable for both them and your puppy.

Minimum Class Enrollment:

  • In order for a class to be held, a minimum of three (3) attendees (puppies and their owners) is required. Should the minimum attendance not be met by the enrollment deadline (72 hours before the 1st scheduled class), registered participants will be notified and will have the option to either attend class the following month or receive a full refund. We want to ensure an optimal learning environment for both the puppies and their owners, and this enrollment policy helps us achieve that goal. 


Inclement Weather Policy For All Programs:

  • To prioritize the safety of you, your pups and our staff, classes, daycare, private & day training will be canceled if travel conditions are a concern due to inclement weather. Clients will receive timely notifications of the cancellation via email and text before the scheduled class or program. In the event of a canceled class or session, we will provide clients with a new date to make up for that night's missed class. Safety remains our top priority, and we appreciate your understanding as we navigate through the winter months. 


Dog Behavior:

  • Dogs exhibiting aggressive or highly reactive behavior are not suited for group classes. However, we may be able to offer assistance with these behaviors through our Day Training Program. Should we determine that your dog would benefit more from the expertise of a behavior modification program we will gladly provide you with recommendations on a different program with us or offer you some reputable referral options.

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