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Here at Pups with a Purpose, we have cultivated a community of pups and their people that are passionate about impacting their community! We call ourselves the Purposeful Pup Crew!

Check out what our clients are saying about us. 

"The Therapy Dog Group Training Class met our expectations and we feel as if Charlie has a great foundation now of the techniques learned. We would absolutely recommend Pups with a Purpose. We have already posted about training and told friends!"

Maya & Charlie

"I have worked with Jessica Gleason with group basic and individual impulse behavior training him our dog Samson. She knows her stuff! She equips the dog and owner with tools that allows the dog to be at peace with the environment. If you want your dog to behave in your world Jessica and Pups with a Purpose is a fit for you!"

Bev & Samson

Andrea, Ferris, & Allie

"Jessica is passionate about equipping dogs and their owners to help others. She’s a great trainer."

Katie & Boomer

"My dog and I had a great experience at Pups with a Purpose. Jessica is very patient and adapts each training session to the dog’s needs. I’m so proud of the progress my pup made under Jessica’s guidance. We are in the process of getting my dog certified as a therapy dog, and I’m confident he will make a great therapy dog. I highly recommend Pups with a Purpose!"

meet some of our crew!



Ralphie is the Chief Cheer Officer at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Omaha! He completed his Professional Therapy Dog Training Program at Pups with a Purpose in 2019! He happily works at the Ronald McDonald House bringing a sense of normalcy to the guests of the home while they are experiencing extraordinary circumstances. 



Sage is a Classroom Dog at Nelson Mandela Elementary in North Omaha! She works alongside her mom in a second grade classroom. She completed her Dogs in School Training Program in 2019 at Pups with a Purpose! Sage is a vital employee in the classroom to assist with positive reading outcomes, building motivation, and providing a positive learning culture in the classroom! 



Brynn is a Therapy Dog that works along side her mom at Immanuel's acute inpatient unit! She provides vital comfort, companionship, and joy to those going through treatment! Brynn went through Pups with a Purpose's Professional Therapy Dog Training Program in 2020 and just recently began joining the Recreation Therapy Team at Immanuel Hospital. Brynn is able to assist bridging a connection between youth and staff and help these kiddos invest in their care. 



Cappuccino or Cappy is also a Therapy Dog that works along side his mom at Immanuel Hospital. Cappuccino works alongside his DogMom on various units to bring joy and comfort to those staying at Immanuel. With his bubbly personality and wiggly bum, it hard to feel down around this guy. Cappy's mom is a Music Therapist and together they graduated from Pups with a Purpose Dog Therapy Readiness Group Class in March of 2021.



Tucker graduated from our Therapy Dog Readiness Training Program in December of 2019 and now works alongside his DogMom at Marian High School in Omaha, Nebraska. Tucker's role at school is to promote a positive learning culture and sometime provide a little extra comfort to students in crisis. He is also known to catch students eating in class! Together as a team, Tucker and his mom make a great impact on the students at Marian High School. 

AND MANY MORE PURPOSEFUL PUPS make up our Purposeful Pup Crew. We work with community members, teachers, counselors, social workers, therapists, medical professionals, and other dedicated individuals to reach our mission of HELPING DOGS, HELP PEOPLE!  We are a community of people and their dogs doing our best to make the world a better place! 


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