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purposeful pup therapy group


I have created a Pet Therapy Group for those who have successfully completed the Pups with a Purpose Therapy Dog Readiness Program, allowing people and dogs to come together while impacting our community. This training process specializes in teaching dogs to navigate the world with a calm state of mind and therefore making great candidates for pet therapy work. 


Our volunteer Therapy Dogs are registered through Alliance of Therapy Dogs. We have had success with Alliance of Therapy Dogs due to this organization being supportive of our tools such as the transitional leash. The transitional leash is our most beneficial tool when asking a dog to be calm and to communicate with our pups. 


If you are interested in joining Pups with a Purpose Pet Therapy Group, please email me at OR check out Alliance of Therapy Dog's website


Pups with a Purpose Pet Therapy Group conducts visits all over the Omaha Metro! We visit rehabilitation centers, assisted living centers, schools, and special events. We are adding new visits and facilities every month! 


  • Bring JOY and HAPPINESS                      

  • IMPACT your community with your PUP  

  • VOLUNTEER with DOG LOVING people      

  • SEE the powerful effects DOGS have on people

  Your dog does not need to be perfect to participate! We ask that you and your pup have a friendly disposition, be calm in different situations and in the presence of other dogs.


Need some help teaching your dog manners?

Check out our Therapy Dog Readiness Training Options! 

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