puppy training programs

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Private Puppy Training Program $225 + taxes & fees 

Congratulations on your new addition! Pups with a Purpose has designed our Private Puppy Training Program to help you with all your puppy raising needs! In our 4 one hour training sessions, we will guide you through basic commands like COME, SIT, DOWN, and STAY. We will also go over advanced exercises like LOOSE LEASH WALKING, PLACE COMMAND, KENNELING. We will guide you through age appropriate potty training and common puppy issues so that your PUP starts off on the RIGHT PAW! You will also have access to our Private Client Facebook page AND life training support for your pup! JOIN OUR CREW! 

During the 4 one hour group training sessions, you and your pup will be introduced to 


  • Introduction to Loose Leash Walking

  • Introduction to Kennel Training

  • Basic Commands COME, SIT, DOWN, STAY

  • Relationship & Confidence Building Exercises


Puppy Head Start Class $125 + taxes & fees 

Congratulations on your new addition! We want to help your puppy grow into a confident and calm pup! Between the ages of 8 weeks and 20 weeks, there is a critical socialization window for puppies to be properly introduced to sights, sounds, people, and more! Pups with a Purpose Created Puppy Head Start give puppies and their people a safe environment to properly socialize their puppy during this critical developmental stage. Each class is filled with a mix of learning, playing, and exposure training in a positive based training class! 

Puppy Head Start will have ROLLING ENROLLMENT meaning that you chose when to use your 4 class sessions on weeks that work best for you and your schedule!

Each week, we will focus our on teaching your puppy handler engagement so they can focus on you out in the world and not get so distracted, confidence building exercises to help your puppy be brave in the big world around them, and also proper socialization! Let's help get your puppy started off on the right PAW!

We'll cover things like name recognition, coming when called, impulse control, and help with common puppy problems!

Puppy Head Start is best suited for puppies ages 8 weeks to 20 weeks 

Class is every Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm

Located at our Training Studio inside of Olive Crest Methodist Church 

$125 + taxes and fees 

What does Puppy Head Start Include? 

4 Training Classes 

Puppy Training Plan 

Access to our Private Client Facebook Page 

Access to our Ongoing Learning Opportunities