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Pet Therapy is a great way to impact your community with your pup! Pups with a Purpose has developed a unique training program to help you and your pup navigate therapy visits in a calm and confident state of mind.

During 4 two hour one-on-one training sessions your dog will master SIT, DOWN, COME, OUT, LEAVE IT,and STAY. We will also guide you step by step through the certification process and have set up visits with facilities across the Omaha Metro for you to begin your visits with your pup.

Do you want to experience the powerful joy and happiness dogs bring to the people they visit?




Want to learn in a group setting? CHECK OUT OUR GROUP CLASSES!

Cost of this program is $395(+taxes) which includes 8 hours of training, all training tools, personalized training plan, and the knowledge to navigate the world with your pup in a calm and confident manner. 

*THIS PROGRAM DOES NOT GUARANTEE THERAPY CERTIFICATION. I will walk you through the certification process and prepare you for all expectations for dog therapy testing. 

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