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Our Basic Behavior Modification Training is for dogs that need a little help learning how to be calm and confident in the human world. This program is designed to address issues such as leash pulling, jumping, whining, etc. 

During 4 two hour training sessions, you and your pup will master

  • Loose leash walking

  • Basic Commands *COME, SIT, DOWN, STAY* 

  • Advanced Commands *PLACE, LEAVE IT, OUT*

  • Kennel  Training

If you and your pups are experiences SERIOUS BEHAVIOR CONCERNS and your dog has bitten PEOPLE OR DOGS. Please check out our PURPOSEFUL PARTNERS PAGE  for trainers that can guide you through dog training. 

The cost of this program is $455(+taxes) that includes 8 hours of one-on-one training, all training tools, personalized training plan, and the knowledge to navigate the world with your pup in a calm and confident manner. 

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