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The Professional Therapy Dog Training Program is designed for counselors, nonprofit workers, therapists, child life specialist, hospital employees, or anyone interested in working along side their pup to enhance their clients' or consumers' experience. Professional Therapy Dogs or Facility Dogs have the ability to promote calm and help drive the therapy process. People are more likely to trust and interact with a calm dog and therefore, dogs can help bridge communication between Therapy Dog Handler and consumer. 

The Professional Therapy Dog Training Program is 3 additional two hour training sessions to build on the skills learned in the Therapy Dog Readiness Training Program. Along with the training the Professional Therapy Dog Training Program will add with workspace set up, on the job training, and location trouble shooting. We will work together to create a Therapy Dog manual, therapy dog activities, and therapy dog job description. 

Cost of this program is $325(+taxes) which includes 6 hours of training, all training tools, personalized training plan, and the knowledge to navigate the world with your pup in a calm and confident manner. (BUNDLE THERAPY DOG READINESS + PROFESSIONAL THERAPY DOG TRAINING PROGRAMS FOR $675)

*The Therapy Dog Readiness Program is a prerequisite for this program. 

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