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Pups with a Purpose



Pups with a Purpose was formed to help people and their dogs work as a team to make an impact in their community. We are a relationship centered, balanced training company that focuses on elevating behavior expectations. Our various training programs are designed to teach people and their dogs the skills needed to be successful in pet therapy, facilities dog work, classroom settings, and much more.

Pups with a Purpose training is more than just learning basic obedience. I will guide you through gaining the tools and knowledge to navigate this world with calm and confidence. We want to help you and your pup do INCREDIBLE THINGS! 

 booking consultations for the following programs

  • Therapy Dog Readiness

  • Dogs in Classrooms

  • Professional Therapy Dogs

  • Emotional Support Dogs


Call us the Therapy Dog experts! Our trainers conduct therapy visits with their personal dogs and are evaluators for a national therapy dog organization. Therapy Dogs are pet volunteers that provide comfort and joy to all the people they meet! Alongside their people, these dogs volunteer at schools, hospitals, assisted living centers, and more. We provide training to prepare you to successfully conduct therapy dog visits. We offer private therapy dog training and group classes! 

Pups with a Purpose offers a wide range of puppy classes to help you at every stage of puppyhood! Our expert puppy trainers have created unique classes to provide your puppy with essential life skills to set your puppy up for success. Our focus is building a cooperative and confident puppy. Check out our classes for pups ages 8 weeks to 18 months! 

Work one on one with one of our Head Trainers to meet your training goals with your pup! We provide personalized training plans to address your dog's specific training needs. Meet with your trainer for an hour to an hour and half while we teach YOU how to train your dog! We work on things like reactivity, basic commands, kennel training, obedience, Professional Therapy Dog Training, and more! Sign up for a Training Consultation to find out more! Our Private Training Program is fully booked until 2024! Please check our consultation page to get added to our waitlist!

Our Structured Daycare offers playgroups with dogs that have similar size and play style as your pup. Daycare also includes maintaining training skills like coming when called, impulse control, place command, appropriate play, and more. Typical doggie daycares allow free for all play all day with inappropriate greetings, over arousal, and no rest time. This can increase anxiety, dog reactivity, and reinforce poor social skills. Structured Daycare provides all the perks of daycare including socialization and playtime, but adding in the needed structure for dogs to be successful around dogs outside of daycare.

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